The Black Maker, a conference on STEM and black tech

Our (now officially) annual conference arrives at Birmingham for 2016, hosted by the team at Birmingham Open Media Lab. As always you can expect an interdisciplinary mashup of topics in our usual style, with talks, workshops and performance throughout the day.

The Black Maker aims to put the spotlight on black thought, invention and creativity in technology. As an Afrofuturist collective, we want to explore how technology has been impacted by and impacts the black experience and where the intersection of science, tech and liberation lie. Last year our central question was what will blackness look like in the future, this year we want to ask how we will get there.

What to expect?

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Cosmic Ashoke & The Black Maker

This coming week is an exciting one for us as we have not one but two events, both very different but both looking to be very special.

First up on 6th October is Cosmic Ashoke, AfroFutures_UK’s first ever collaboration with the folks from Artivist UK, a socio-political platform that seeks to provide impetus for radical change through the arts. I’ve been to a couple of their events in Birmingham and have always been blown away by the performances and passion.

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