A Night at the Southbank: Thoughts on Cosmic Ashoke

The funny thing is, you have no idea how long it took us to come up with a name. It was a Monday or a Thursday evening at the Impact Hub and we were huddled at a table, scribbling out random words on post-its as we wondered just what we should call this… happening we were organising. Cosmic Ashoke wasn’t even our first choice but for some reason when it came down to it, that was the one that went forward. By the end of Thursday night, as the lights were turned back on and the mmanwu packed away, it seemed like there could never have been any other name to call it.

6th October saw the first collaboration between Artivist UK and AfroFutures_UK to produceĀ an event in honour of national poetry day at the Southbank Centre, a day which also included poetry readings accompanied by live drawing with the wonderful Chris Ridell.

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Cosmic Ashoke & The Black Maker

This coming week is an exciting one for us as we have not one but two events, both very different butĀ both looking to be very special.

First up on 6th October is Cosmic Ashoke, AfroFutures_UK’s first ever collaboration with the folks from Artivist UK, a socio-political platform that seeks to provide impetus for radical change through the arts. I’ve been to a couple of their events in Birmingham and have always been blown away by the performances and passion.

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