A Message and Three Keys

Nikky Norton-Shafa is a Manchester based artist and poet. She has been a core member of AfroFutures_UK since its conception and has run individual workshops, written and performed poetry specially for our gatherings and organised events.

I ran an interactive storytelling workshop at the Future|Journeys event, creating a bespoke story especially for the day. After the story was told directions were given to participants to encourage role play based conversation and activities. Here’s a snippet of the story…

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An Interview with Nikky Norton Shafau

In the run up to Future|Journeys on 21st May, we thought we’d do some quick takes with the various artists and hackers who will be joining the event. Nikki Norton Shafau is a Manchester based artist who will be leading the Storybook workshop. Much of her work is focussed on using the transformative power of narrative to change our perceptions and destinies and we wanted to find out a little bit more about what makes her tick…


AfroFutures_UK: It’s so great to talk with you and I’m especially happy you’re going to be leading a workshop and a guest panellist on the 21st. Do you mind introducing yourself in your own words?

Nikky Norton Shafau: My name is Nikky. I am a little bit strange… I want to become a Storybook.

AF: What do you think defines your art?

NNS: I like exploring self, the unknown, reality and fantasy. I like being silly and serious. I am interested in african oral storytelling traditions, playing with the boundaries between ‘audience’ and artist and finding my own voice; sense of belonging.

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