The Future of Us: an Afrofuturist Anthology mechgirl5

“What does Afrofuturism mean to me today, as a millennial black woman? The moment became clear the moment I arrived at an Afrofutures UK event.

Through the beautiful art and literature about the black experience today, I began to realise that we, as black people, have an active role to play in our future experience. We need to step up and become the creators of the future we want to see.”

We hope you enjoy this anthology and continue to support our work.


You can purchase the following zines (2016)

afrofutures_uk-zine-no-1-untitled-pageAfroFutures_UK zine, issue 1


AfroFutures_UK zine, issue 2


AfroFutures_UK zine, issue 3afrofutures_uk-zine-no-3-untitled-page