Clorama Dorvilias

16:00 – Designing for Virtual Reality

Currently, the tech industry lacks the diversity needed to address and understand the experiences of marginalised groups and struggles to retain and harness inclusive input due to factors that contribute to the unconscious biases/disenfranchisement of people of colour and women. With resources now accessible for creating and contributing to this growing field, we are given the opportunity to take initiative to experiment and solve problems that can improve our experiences as people of colour with the newly accessible technology.

Specifically, I will be focussing on Virtual Reality, a medium with a profound capability to tap into shaping and developing emotions and empathy.

In this session, I will go over how to get started using the free and affordable tools available to start building your own virtual reality game without any coding required!! I will also talk about the methods and factors you can use that will help to (secretly) help develop empathy for your users!


Clorama is a UX Generalist, Interaction designer and digital marketing consultant from San Jose, CA. She strengthened her skills in user-centered approaches/methodologies in design while studying for her MA in Interaction Design Communication in London, UK.

Through her love for design and community building, she is focused in helping women entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations; start-ups to help create their personal brand development. Past clients include: Pink Creative Studio and Issa Rae. In her spare time, she currently volunteers as a website development and social media consultant for HERA UK and HERA France, an NGO that helps survivors of trafficking become Entrepreneurs.