12:00 – Comics and Coding!

Comics Workshop with Charlotte Bailey

11994320_10153547876120928_36431006_nLike film, music or prose, comics are another unique medium for self-expression. In this workshop we’ll have some fun developing a communication tool which can be understood universally. All we’ll need is paper, ink and something to say. No artistic skills required, as anybody can draw, and I’ll teach you the basics to help you better get what you want to say across.

In three hours we’ll touch on the hidden language in comics, the basics of expression, how to tell a story in 4 panels or less and we’ll get you drafting your first comic. If you know you’ll be joining us, your homework is to think about something you want to say. It might be a question, an experience, something you’ve learnt recently, or an opinion. It could be based on a memory, a story you’ve heard or a dream. Have that ready so that we can focus on getting it across in this workshop.

Coding Workshop with Olu Niyi Awosusi

11146474_10153475818405036_3473996553549784475_oIdeal for beginners to intermediate coders, you will learn the fundamentals of web development at our coding workshop, which will also be a space for working on any projects. Get one to one advice with our resident programmer, Olu Niyi Awosusi, an experienced full stack developer who works on some of the most innovative and exciting projects in tech!