From 10:30am at Terrace NQ, we will be showing short films from creatives throughout the UK. Find out more below.

Factory Fifteen

London based Factory Fifteen will be screening two of their works, ‘Robots of Brixton’ and ‘Jonah’.


In the words of the creator, Ewuraba Hama-Lansiquot: Palimpsest explores the complex effects and outcomes of racial stereotyping whereby personality traits are associated with races, leaving young people of colour out of both their respective minority group and the racial majority. It is essentially a response to my own experience of being ridiculed for ‘acting white’ at a … Continue reading Palimpset


The Abyss

From Christina Fonthes: My short film The Abyss is a self-portrait. Diasporic, and future-now; it explores the theme of my identity as a Congolese-British Queer woman. The piece is based on a poem that I wrote  shortly after having faced trauma as a result of homophobia from close family members.  Although the two works are … Continue reading The Abyss

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