Pablo Eyes

Pablo Eyes is a bassist, beat maker, composer and sound designer. Drawing from the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic approaches used in black music and a wide palette of found sounds, acoustic and synthetic instruments and dissonance, he creates vivid, adventurous pieces and heavyweight grooves. With a passion for exploring playful and mischievous music with a dark undertone, he likes to play with the concept of duality, blurring the lines between brash and vulnerable.

He recently completed a residency at the Royal Exchange Theatre where he created music and designed sound for a play inspired by Shaun Tan’s book The Red Tree; A story following a young girl navigating her way through the world, battling demons of anxiety, depression, belonging and communication with a seed of hope throughout her journey.

His debut instrumental EP ‘Knock Down Ginger‘ is a warped, cheeky, blooper filled trip of Funk, Hip Hop and R&B providing the soundtrack for a group of small children playing the forbidden game of knocking on neighbours doors and running away!

You can follow him on Twitter @PabloEyesMusic


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