Nwando Ebizie

Nwando Ebizie is an experimental performance artist, musician, producer, DJ and dancer from Nigeria via Oldham who has lived, performed and played all over the world. Her work eschews boundaries, but incorporates her training in classical piano, electronic music production, circus, aerial arts, physical theatre and various forms of dance, with her deep interests in multi-disciplinary work and  interactive ritual of African (and Diasporic) syncretic ritual forms. Nwando runs experimental theatre company, Mas Productions, with theatre director Jonathan Grieve, where they research and perform ‘secular ecstatic art’ – which seeks to combine the immediacy of music and the conceptualism of live art with theatre and interactive ritual forms. She has released music, performed with international artists including Peaches, Princess Superstar and DJd around the world for Nonclassical in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Lativa, Berlin and Tokyo.
Her alter ego is the Afrofuturist Lady Vendredi.

Lady Vendredi’s sound encompasses everything from traditional Haitian voodoo grooves through to global bass, jazz, hip hop and experimental music.

Her first single ‘Dirty Chicken’ was featured on Electroclash pioneer Larry Tee‘s compilation Super Electric Party Machine, receiving plaudits in Mixmagmagazine. Her performances have an innate theatricality, combining unique vocals, jazz horns, Haitian Vodou dance and ritual.  Lady Vendredi says of them: “imagine Grace Jones in a live Blaxploitation movie directed by John Waters…”


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