Guest Panellists

We’ll be closing AfroFutures_UK with an open panel to discuss key topics raised throughout the day. As well as our guest speakers, artists and performers, we’ll also be joined by the following:


Xana is a wordsmith and audio artist who combines live looper techniques with freestyle storytelling. Soundscapes are built up and demolished all in one go as musical worlds collide and characters emerge unfolding stories of the past, present and future.

Nwando Ebizie

Nwando Ebizie is an experimental performance artist, musician, producer, DJ and dancer from Nigeria via Oldham who has lived, performed and played all over the world. Her work eschews boundaries, but incorporates her training in classical piano, electronic music production, circus, aerial arts, physical theatre and various forms of dance, with her deep interests in multi-disciplinary … Continue reading Nwando Ebizie



SuAndi is a performance poet, whose works include poetry, prose and librettos. She has published numerous collections of poetry, including Style (1990), Nearly Forty (1994), and There Will Be No Tears (1996). Born of Nigerian and British heritage, she was a dancer and a model before becoming a performance poet in 1985. In more recent years she … Continue reading SuAndi

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