Interwoven throughout the space will be a range of visual art and soundscapes by new and established artists.

Rudy Loewe

Rudy Loewe is a visual artist and facilitator who is interested in themes such as black histories & possible black futures, race, mental health & disability, sexuality, gender and trauma. Accessibility is an important factor in their work. Rudy facilitates sessions in community spaces such as local libraries and archives, encouraging people who may be … Continue reading Rudy Loewe


Naomi M

Naomi is a Manchester based Belgian visual artist and performer. She is on the final stretch of an undergrad, having bagged an arts award and graduated from a leadership program in the process while navigating mental illness.

Nyasha Mangera-Lakew

Nyasha Mangera-Lakew is a 23 year old artist from South London who works primarily in collage art. You can find more of her work on instagram.

Mei Yuk Wong

Mei Yuk Wong originally came to this country from Hong Kong and now lives and works in Manchester. She studied theology, feminism and art in Hong Kong, The Hague and London. Mei Yuk received a Foundation Diploma from Wimbledon School of Art and a MA from London Guildhall University. She is a visual artist, a … Continue reading Mei Yuk Wong

Profile picture of Faluso Oguntoye

Foluso Oguntoye

Foluso Oguntoye is an artist and Fine art student about finishing a BA (Hons) Fine art course at the Manchester school of art- Manchester metropolitan university.Born and lived in Lagos, Nigeria till 2010, his art is about personal identity, the black African aesthetic and the African diaspora. He is inspired by the human body especially … Continue reading Foluso Oguntoye

D. Denenge Akpem

D. Denenge Akpem is an Afro-Futurist space sculptor, performance artist, designer, writer, and educator.  Her work bridges the disciplines of site-specific sculpture, ritual, public art practice, interior design, and science fiction.  She creates interactive spaces that interrogate stereotypes, titillate the senses, and empower those who experience them to shape their own futures, based on the belief … Continue reading D. Denenge Akpem