Code of Conduct

AfroFutures_UK was created in a spirit of fun and experimentation and it’s in that spirit we intend to run the event. We want AfroFutures_UK to be a safe space for all, where everyone can feel free to speak and express themselves authentically. We’re here to inspire and most importantly to learn from each other.


We at AfroFutures_UK want to ensure that our conference will be welcoming and harassment free for all. Harassment based on gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race or religion will not be tolerated.

People of all ages will be attending this event, so please make sure that no language or inappropriate imagery is used in talks, workshops and social media.

If you see anything untoward, please report to any of the volunteers (identified by their AfroFutures_UK badges). If you are unable to locate a volunteer, then please get in touch directly with the organiser, Florence Okoye by twitter @FINOkoye, or by email (EDIT: And yes, as a smartphone addict, I will see an email immediately!).