AfroFutures UK 2015

Our inaugural event will be held on 10th October at the Manchester Digital Laboratory. Entrance is free, but donations are welcome! Please book your place at our ticket site. You can also find out more about our special guests and events.

•Schedule of events•





9:45 – 10:00 Registration
10:00 Introduction Florence Okoye MadLab, Ground floor
10:15 Afrofuturism in Children’s Literature Mary Ononokpono MadLab, Ground floor
10:30 Screenings at Terrace

10:35 – Robots of Brixton, Factory Fifteen

10:45 – Jonah, Factory Fifteen

11:00 – The Abyss, Christina Fonthes

11:10 – Spaced, Naomi M

11:15 – Palimpset, Ewuraba Hama-Lansiquot

11:30 – I AM BECAUSE I AM, SuAndi

11:45 – Kanda Bongo Man, Clive Hunte

12:00 – Femi Kuti, Clive Hunte

Terrace NQ
10:30 Programming Workshop (on all day with a break from 12:00-15:00) Tutors: Florence Okoye, Arduino Manchester Madlab, Second floor
10:45 We Travel the Spaceways: Afrofuturist Space Programs Erik Steinskog MadLab, Ground floor
11:15 Break Guest performance by Travis Alabanza MadLab
11:30 The Process of Rearticulation and What it Means to be Black’ Alice Okoye MadLab, Ground floor
11:45 Afrofuturism, Autonomy and Pan Africanism at the End of History Dr Reynaldo Anderson MadLab, Ground floor
12:00 Do-It-Yourself Time Travel/Quantum Time Capsule workshop Workshop Rasheedah Phillips MadLab, Second floor
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Challenging the Radical Imagination: AfroFuturist Resistance as Personal Narrative Carlyn Worthy MadLab
14:00 Performance Moor Mother Goddess MadLab, Second floor
14:30 Zine-making workshop Rudy Loewe MadLab, Second floor
14:30 Stars, Aliens and Rockets Jenny Terry MadLab, Ground floor
15:00 Experimentation and Play Pablo Eyes MadLab, Ground floor
15:30 Break MadLab, Ground floor
15:45 Afrofuturism as a Narrative Aesthetic in ‘The Intuitionist’ and ‘Zone One’ Souleymane Ba MadLab, Ground floor
16:15 Female Engineer: Inspiring the Next Generation Natalie Luwisha MadLab, Ground floor
16:30 Sonic Realism, Sonic Actualism and Black Music Damion Kareem Scott MadLab, Ground floor
17:00 Grand Panel Everyone MadLab, Ground floor
17:45 Plenary Nikky Norton Shafau MadLab, Ground floor

Our event officially ends at 6pm but you are welcome to stay in MadLab until 7pm, which is when our fabulous afterparty will commence…


Special Guests

We’re honoured to host a range of artists, activists, musicians, hackers, writers, poets and academics at our seminal conference exploring the intersection of blackness and futurism. Find out about our guests who’ll be there at our 2015 event, held on 10th October at MadLab. If you would like to join as a speaker, volunteer, workshop … Continue reading Special Guests

Guest Panellists

We’ll be closing AfroFutures_UK with an open panel to discuss key topics raised throughout the day. As well as our guest speakers, artists and performers, we’ll also be joined by the following:


From 10:30am at Terrace NQ, we will be showing short films from creatives throughout the UK. Find out more below.

Code of Conduct

AfroFutures_UK was created in a spirit of fun and experimentation and it’s in that spirit we intend to run the event. We want AfroFutures_UK to be a safe space for all, where everyone can feel free to speak and express themselves authentically. We’re here to inspire and most importantly to learn from each other. ~~~ We … Continue reading Code of Conduct


Interwoven throughout the space will be a range of visual art and soundscapes by new and established artists.

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