Welcome to AfroFutures_UK, a collective of artists, writers, activists and academics interested in exploring the future black experience through multi-media and disruptive technologies.

Using awareness and vision, we’ve created a platform to share ideas, promote our work, explore the treasures of our past and the potential of our future.

As a black community we have to take ownership of the future we want to see. This is particularity critical in STEAM sectors: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Our seminal event was in 2015, a Conference//Exhibition where we used themes and inspirations from Afro Futurism to probe and dissect our visions of the future, from the sociological to the scientific.

Since then, we have been working with organisations such as Yakhani, Black Steam UK and Writing on the Wall to increase engagement with the sciences, technology and the arts in a radical way, with the intent to benefit our community. Through seminars, workshops and the power of social media, we do our bit for self determination and liberation.

Shuttleworth Funded

Shuttleworth Foundation Sponsored for 2016-2017

We are proud to announce that we have been funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation. So far we have used funds to sponsor the 2018 Afrotech Fest and future program in Spring 2018.

Piqued your interest? Well you can find out who we are below…


Florence Okoye

By day, Florence works as a UX Designer and spends the rest of her time writing science fiction, messing around with Arduinos and web technologies whilst studying dead languages and computer science. She is interested in projects that encourage public engagement with technology and the arts, especially those that explore the intersection of minority experiences. … Continue reading Florence Okoye

Charlotte Bailey

Charlotte is a digital marketer by day, managing the SEO, social and content strategy for SME’s. The rest of the time she makes graphic essays, writes speculative fiction and makes short films promoting people and projects. See her work at charlottewithink.com. She hosts events with the graphic novel forum LDComics and leads comic workshops with … Continue reading Charlotte Bailey

Lemara Lindsay-Prince

In her own words… Curious thinker, avid reader and passionate about people and their relationship to things. I’m passionate about research, consumer trends and culture and what that means for the future of consumer experiences and brands. I wrote my MA dissertation about gender, identity and subcultures: an ethnography of female sneaker collectors in American … Continue reading Lemara Lindsay-Prince

Nikky Norton-Shafau

Nikky Norton Shafau is a bit strange she wants to become a Storybook. Become part of the journey and choose your own adventure http://www.herstorybook.co.uk When she is not doing strange things she is doing kooky things like storytelling in secret gardens, magical festivals, city canals and rustic living rooms. She occasionally does slightly more sensible things … Continue reading Nikky Norton-Shafau

Olu Niyi Awosusi

Software developer and Javascript lover who first started coding on neopets. Lover of markdown, SCSS and Bee and Puppycat.

Eloise Grimes

Eloise Grimes is a graduate from the University of Manchester and a huge fan of fantasy and Sci-Fi.

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