Afro Dino Hack 2018

AfroFutures_UK in association with wildcard.js is super pleased to announce our first ever Afro Dino Hack is coming to you live on 14th-15th December at Camberwell Library!

The hackathon is totally free and open to everyone of all skill levels and expertise. Designers, coders, hackers, makers, poets, writers, all are welcome to help us on our quest.

And what is our quest?

Well we want to make African dinosaurs famous!

But why… dinosaurs?

Because… dinosaurs are cool?

We always say you need to know your past to know your future and that includes the deep past too. This is an opportunity to combine learning code skills, understanding data and collections with learning more about African paleontology.

To understand how climate and geological changes can impact ecosystems, we need to look into the past. First, we need to make the past more accessible. Increasingly data is being made open via places like the Natural History Museum data portal but we want to make it accessible for everyone to learn about the wonders of African dinosaurs.

Watch out for #afrodinohack on twitter and instagram.

Tickets are available on eventbrite here. For further information, please contact us. for more details including schedule, please see the event website.




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