An AfroFuturist Curriculum: Seminars in 2017

Are you an artist interested in identities and new realities? Are you a researcher passionate about sharing  your knowledge with the wider community? Be you artist, academic, maker, creative or speaker, if you would like to contribute to our virtual knowledge hub, read on…

Connecting knowledge is increasingly important in an age where we are ever closer entangled and yet can feel more estranged. What are the things we need to know and who are the people with the knowledge and skills we can look to? These are the questions we want to raise in 2017 and to act upon.

Every two months we’ll be hosting seminars on a range of topics from programming to storytelling, farming to music production. The intention is to encourage people to explore and create their own projects based on these topics, which we would love to see be presented during our Unconference at the end of the year. Our focus is on building up practical skills and knowledge in areas that are less accessible, with the aim of using these skills to contribute to self empowerment and social change within and amongst our communities.

We’re looking for artists, performers, researchers and practitioners to speak, perform or otherwise share their work at the bimonthly seminars. It can be on anything and everything – what’s important is that you’re willing to reach out and encourage others.

Details about the events and potential topics are below. If you’d be interested in speaking or participating, feel free to get in touch via email or twitter. You can also join our AfroFutures_UK slack group.


Date Theme Venue Guest Speaker Details
9th February The Web Birmingham Open Media Lola Odelola


An introduction to the web, what it is, how it works and how to get started with web development with talk by Lola Odelola on her journey to web development.
13th April Food TBC Erinma Ochu


Find out more about DIY Agriculture from the co-founder of Manchester’s @farm_lab, cultivating mushrooms as part of an ongoing project on urban farming.
(TBC) August

Summer break!

(TBC) September Hardware TBC
(TBC) November Narratives TBC
(TBC) December Unconference!

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