Cosmic Ashoke & The Black Maker

This coming week is an exciting one for us as we have not one but two events, both very different but both looking to be very special.

First up on 6th October is Cosmic Ashoke, AfroFutures_UK’s first ever collaboration with the folks from Artivist UK, a socio-political platform that seeks to provide impetus for radical change through the arts. I’ve been to a couple of their events in Birmingham and have always been blown away by the performances and passion.

Featuring an array of artists, Juice AleemNikky Norton Shafau, Jolade Olusanya, Affie Jam and Caleb Femi, Cosmic Ashoke is the first of its kind, an immersive afrofuturist inspired evening of poetry and performance in honour of National Poetry Day where we’ll be digging deep through our shared histories and narratives to come together in new creative energies.

Next on 8th October is our annual conference, this time hosted by Birmingham Open Media Lab. The Black Maker will focus on black creativity in technology, mathematics and the sciences, with talks hanging from the history of science in pre-colonial African cultures to the future of mathematics and how new technologies such as Virtual Reality can be harnessed for liberation.

As always it’s really a privilege for AfroFutures_UK to be able to put on these events as they are the fruit of new friendships and connections made since moving to the midlands. That’s not to say we’ve left the north completely! AfroFutures_UK still be hosting and co-producing panels and conferences around and about in Manchester – in fact next I’ll be up in Manchester on the 21st as part of the PAC45 Foundation Woman and Youth Conference.


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