Future Stories Recap!

As the European City of Science for 2016, Manchester has been a buzz with events from growing mushrooms to the work of John Dalton. One such happening was our Future Stories forum, hosted by Nikky Norton Shafau, an open forum where citizen science meets design thinking.

The aim of Future Stories was to create a space where researchers from all backgrounds could present their work and pose the biggest questions in their research. Think of it as a design jam for STEM!

Ian Forrester

First up was Ian Forrester (@cubicgarden), part of the R&D department at the BBC. Starting with a talk on a project personal data was utilised to place narratives in the user’s surroundings, we discussed how we could further use personal data to share and create more diverse narratives.


Professor Dawn Edge

Next up was Professor Dawn Edge from the University of Manchester to share her research on mental health within the African Caribbean community. It was very inspiring to hear from a brilliant woman scientist of colour talk about her experiences as a researcher and how she brings her expertise to challenge the way community based research projects are done.

Florence Okoye

Finally, Florence Okoye spoke about her project on making African history more accessible and using crowd sourced historical data helping create a deeper picture of African history as an independent researcher.


So that was Future Stories, our first design thinking jam event! After a short performance and poem by Nimg_1948ikky, we head off into the summer evening, hopefully more inspired and geared up to share ideas and keep thinking about the challenges to our community and the exciting projects being done to address them.

Special thanks to Rise for kindly hosting our event. An extra special massive thank you to Ian Forrester and Professor Edge for sharing your work with us.


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