Future Stories Forum 23rd July at RISE

Manchester is officially the European City of Science for 2016 and we’re very happy to announce that our next event, Future Stories, will be hosted as part of the Science in the City Festival.

Join us for our free event on 23rd July where we’ll be looking at some of the biggest topics in science and tech today. Our special guests will include Dawn Edge and Ian Forrester who will be posing the questions they face in their every day research only this time, it’s up to us to find the answers!

Three Big Ideas.
Three Questions.
Can we find an answer?

Future Stories is an event where we gather to solve the big questions posed by science and technology. Combining citizen science with design thinking, we’re gathering people of different skills and backgrounds to make a difference to the big questions of today.

We’ll be hearing from experts working on the big fields in science and tech such as Big Data, Quantified Self, Psychology and Epigenetics. Together we’ll be creating new narratives shaped by our activities and discussions.


Each topic is split into 3 chapters:

Chapter One – The first chapter starts with guest talks from one of our three speakers where each speaker poses a question at the end.

Chapter Two – Is a space where we can respond to the question, beginning with ‘How?’.

Chapter Three – Collectively we start visioning through mindmaps, design ideas etc.

Together, we can create the solutions for futures.

Tickets are available on eventbrite. For more information, feel free to contact us via email to afrofutures.uk@gmail.com


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