An Interview with Ikem Nzeribe

In the run up to Future|Journeys on 21st May, we thought we’d do some quick takes with the various artists and hackers who will be joining the event. Designer, programmer, visionary and artist, Ikem Nzeribe is a co-founder and tutor at MossCode, a community Computer science lab where the future is coded…


AfroFutures_UK: So quick introduction – who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

Ikem Nzeribe: I’m Ikem Nzeribe! I’m from Manchester England, England (across the Atlantic Sea). I do many things, but I’m building a computer science laboratory in Moss Side – a historic, storied Black community.

AF: Who are your inspirations?

IN: Where to begin! Douglas Englebart (pioneer of human-computer interaction), Nat Turner (human rights activist), Frances Cress-Welsing (ground-breaking sociologist and race theorist), Futura 2000 (painter and graffiti artist), Ngozi Onwurah (film maker), my mum. Some influences are too obvious and so foundational to me, I won’t mention them here.


AF: What’s the best thing about what you do? What excites you the most about it?

IN: The unending, unfolding genius in myself and the people around me. What excites me? Building on it, and making those things manifest.


AF: Tell us all about your workshop and what we should expect?

IN: I’m going to teach the raw basics of computer games design through interactive fiction: text-based computer games. We’ll be using a language called Inform 7.


AF: What do you look forward to the most about Future|Journeys?

IN: Meeting people – it’s always about the people you meet. Maybe they’ll take me on new journeys.


We certainly hope so! For details about timings for Ikem’s workshop, please visit the Writing on the Wall Future Journeys page here. The workshop will be on twice during day and is open to anyone of any skill set and ability so do come along and join in 🙂 Meanwhile, why not follow and support the work of MossCode on twitter @MossCodeClick.


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