Monthly Recap – January 2016

We’ve been more than a little bit quiet since our October event. Hopefully you’ll have noticed more signs of life on Twitter and Facebook as well as the sister tumblr blog but don’t think we haven’t been working manically behind the scenes!


2016 has certainly already started as a year of collaboration. Throughout January we worked together with How We Get To Next, a magazine which focuses on the intersection of technology and society, on their Afrofuturist season. We aimed to give a global view not just of what’s going on in contemporary Afrofuturism but also to hear from those using digital media and technology to empower black people around the world.

If you haven’t already read through the season, I would personally recommend the interviews which include HerHealth Uganda, a tech start up for women’s health; our interviews with Tabita Rezaire and Denenge Akpem, two ever inspiring artists; a word with Ikem Nzeribe, founder of MossCode who provided us an ecstatic vision of the future and last (but certainly not least) Ian Forrester, who talked about Afrofuturism as black technology and what we can look forward to in immersive media.


Olamina’s Restitution by Quentin VerCetty

We were also privileged to be joined by Reynaldo Anderson, Natalie Luwisha and Travis Alabanza, all of whom provided their unique take on what Afrofuturism means to them and how it can be used to enact new futures where black people do exist. Special thanks must also go to Quentin VerCetty who provided some beautiful original pieces to illustrate many of the articles.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up, you can find all the articles linked here. There were so many different perspectives that weren’t included or done full justice to, so let’s keep the conversation going!

The Anthology

On that note… we’ve almost finished work on our first issue of the AfroFutures_UK anthology! *wild cheers*

The anthology has been super delayed but it will be made available as a free pdf by the end of February. There will be a printed version for our Silver Funders (we haven’t forgotten you!) but that will come a bit later as we were unable to reach our funding targets for AfroFutures_UK 2015.

What to look out for...

As you’ve probably gathered by now, we’re never ones to rest on our laurels. We’re currently working on a project with the Liverpool based Writing on the Wall festival which is going to be a really cool thing and probably the topic of much future rumination. I won’t say anything more until the event is officially announced but of course you can expect some intersectional, interdisciplinary shenanigans in our usual style.

And 2016…?

Before you ask, yes you can also expect AfroFutures_UK to return this October, 2016 . We’re in the early stages of planning and funding, so if you’d be interested in joining or perhaps even being a sponsor, do say hello and tell us about yourself!


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