AfroFutures_UK crowdfunder is live!

We’re very happy to announce that…

….our CROWDFUNDER is live!

AfroFutures_UK is raising funds to support our artists travel and accommodation for AfroFutures_UK. If you would like to help sponsor artists and writers such as Ariel Jackson and Christopher Luterodt-Quarcoo or young academics like Souleymane Ba and Alice Okoye then please go forth and donate to our crowdfunder.

Everyone who contributes will become part of the AfroFutures_UK community and will receive an A4 print of our 2015 poster, created by F. Okoye. Details about further rewards can be found on the crowdfunder page.


AfroFutures_UK 2015 poster

Please get in touch for details about media and/or corporate sponsorship. 


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