17:00 Grand Panel

Closing off our event, we’re hosting an open panel led by the artists, workshop leaders, speakers and all our attendees to discuss core issues raised over the course of the day. We will be focussing on two main areas:

Afrofuturism as a more complete Transhumanism

How we think the intrinsically intersectional nature of Afrofuturism leads to a fuller and more in depth way of imagining the future.

Intersection of blackness with technology

An open discussion about black technologists of the past and present; how black people use/experience technology; how our interactions with technology are often downplayed or ignored. What are your perceptions of how black people are associated – if ever – as technological beings? How can we improve this?

The aim is to spend about 15 minutes on each of the topics and then the last 15+ minutes having a free style conversation.


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